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Colorazy is a fun addictive free puzzle game about colors and mazes.

Your goal is to connect two dots so that the route passed through all cells on the field. But it's not so easy! You can move from one cell to another only if the colors of connected sides are equal. So, to make a route and to solve the puzzle, you need to properly rotate cells on the field.

Colorazy is the real joy for your eyes! Any level looks like mosaic or kaleidoscope, and you can customize color palettes in game settings.

Play through hundreds of puzzles, from easy to extremely hard. Test your brain to complete all of them.

The game offers:

  • 100+ free puzzles
  • Unique gameplay
  • A simple, yet addicting game for any age
  • Clean, colorful graphics
  • Customizable color palettes
  • Relaxing sound effects